Samba TV

Role: Creative Direction, Brand, Visual Design​​​​​​​
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator
On the Samba brand team we were focused on bringing the existing brand to a new level of excellence. Samba TV is a content recommendation engine and viewer tracking application designed for Smart TVs. 

My role as the team's visual designer was to create assets for the company including marketing materials, swag, social content, and more. One of my bigger projects involved creating a visual language for the company offsite where over 400 employees were flown to San Diego for a week of engagements. 

For this branding project I created the presentations, signage, and swag including a Samba shirt, tech pouch, notebook, pen, and badge. I wanted to take the badge design a step further and add an interactive sticker element to allow the employees to express their unique personalities.​​​​​​​