The night sky has always been full of endless wonder and excitement for me. One of my favorite childhood memories is watching the space shuttle lift off into the night illuminating the skyline. Space travel inspires me to dream big, so I wanted to design something to cultivate and encourage the next generation of space explorers to do the same thing. 

Prepare For Liftoff leads the user through both fun and educational activities to simulate what it’s like for an astronaut to prepare for a mission to space. Some activities include designing your own space suit, instructions on how to make Tang, and a packing list. I encouraged children to think creatively and push the boundaries. 

In 2014, I applied for the AIGA Pour Back Fund and went on to win a $500 grant for the book. With that money I was able to hold workshops at the 826 Tutoring Center in Seattle, WA. During the workshops, kids were able to use the workbook while engaging in other fun space-related activities like building a rocketship! 

Prepare For Liftoff is now being sold in the 826 gift shop where 100% of the proceeds are being allocated to support urban youth after-school programs.
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