I was given the task of redesigning the persona posters for our larger Analytics Platform team. I worked closely with researchers to identify what information was critical to communicate. With the wealth of information at hand, I asked myself, “How do I organize all this content on a poster?”
User Anyone interested in digging deeper into the different personas. 
Team I worked closely with the two researchers on my team, Frances DiMare and Virginia Honig.
Challenge Taking a large amount of researched information and laying it out on a series of posters.
I started sketching right away. After creating a bunch of mini posters I hung them up next to each other and hosted a little critique. I took the sketches that jumped out at the team and ran in that direction. I saw the importance of a bold header that included a large image of the persona, a quote, and short description.
Team Critiques
After a round of sketches I took those ideas into Indesign. I held critiques early and often with my team to get important feedback as I designed. My team loved these critiques and wanted them to happen more often with other projects.
Final Posters
The final posters lay out the information in a clean and organized way. Starting with the header and moving down the three column grid I was able to add graphic elements to guide the eye.
Persona One Pagers
Along with the posters that hang in the studio, I also created one pagers that can be shared more easily. These can be integrated into a presentation deck or sent in an email. The researchers on the team were very happy to have these artifacts and told me it made their lives a lot easier.
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