They (who they are I don’t know) always say that you should always take your own advice. I took this saying to heart when I created Advice From Myself. 

I’m almost half way through my 20’s and a lot has happened. I’ve experienced the worst days of my young life and the best. Good or bad, I was learning and growing into the person I am now. Along the way, I’ve decided to start writing down some advice. 

The hand-written portion of this project is important because it’s coming from my hand. Although the advice can ring true for a large audience, it is coming from me and my life experiences. I decided to convert the advice into a deck of cards to encourage reflection and practice. 

This project is one of my more personal explorations as a graphic designer and one that is ongoing. I plan to produce a second deck with new advice from the past year. This project also has potential to be sold to a larger consumer market.
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