Watson Data Platform

IBM Design | Austin, TX

Watson Data Platform is an integrated set of tools and services that help companies accelerate their shift to become data-driven organizations.

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Our mission was to design an experience that will enable data teams to discover, ingest, catalog, govern, and analyze information.


I designed the posters below to show more information about the users using the Watson Data Platform.

I worked with two other visual designers, Joshua Kramer and Kacie Eberhart; Two UX designers, Amanda Hughes and McKenzie Carlile; Two Researchers, Frances DiMare and Tina Zeng; and a Front-end Developer, Tom Workman.

I also worked with design, offering management, and engineering located in the UK, India, and Japan.


Once the problem was established, I started by drafting out some lo-fi sketches that would inform the basic layout. The sketches to the left highlight the use of cards to create a dashboard that would appear on the users homepage. I used these sketches in a few rounds of team  critique before creating the basic wireframes.


To the right are some examples of what the cards mentioned above would look like built out with all their supporting information. The cards needed to show a preview image along with a short description, profile picture, and way to bookmark or favorite the card.


Once the homepage design was finalized Kacie and I handed it off to our researchers to complete some A B testing. We learned that the user liked the card layout, but were not interested in moving the cards around.

This research helped us check our assumptions and inform our final homepage design seen below.