Spare Time

IBM Design | Austin, TX

Spare Time is a monthly workshop series created for the community of designers, artists, and makers at IBM. The community started in Austin, TX and quickly grew to five other locations including San Francisco, Raleigh, Cambridge, Poughkeepsie, and New York.

I wanted to provide the Spare Time community with all the tools they needed to run their monthly workshops, so I create the Spare Time Shares kit. Every month I would design, assemble, and distribute the kits to the all five IBM Design Studios to be used for their monthly workshops.

Each kit includes everything needed for the workshop activity and ranged from wooden bead necklaces to DIY dream catchers.

These kits empowered the designers at IBM to come together as a community and make using analog processes after hours. I’m proud to say that the monthly workshops were organized by makers in the community for makers, I just provided the kits.

Find more workshop photos on the Spare Time Instagram