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Prepare For Liftoff
Freelance | Seattle, WA

Prepare For Liftoff leads the reader through both fun and educational activities to simulate what it’s like for an astronaut to prepare for a mission to space.

Some activities include designing your own space suit, instructions on how to make Tang, and a packing list. This activity book encourages children to think creatively while dreaming up big ideas.

In 2014, I applied for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Pour Back Fund and went on to win a $500 grant. With that money I was able to hold Prepare For Liftoff workshops at the 826 Tutoring Center in Seattle, WA. 

Prepare For Liftoff is now being sold in the 826 gift shop where 100% of the proceeds are being allocated to support urban youth after-school programs.

In 2018, I brought the Prepare For Liftoff workshops to The Thinkery in Austin, TX. In these workshops we focused on tactile materials to design a space suit.

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