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Madewell Replen*

Freelance | Seattle, WA
Madewell Replen is an iPad app that makes restocking clothes from the stockroom to the store floor easier and more efficient. With this app Madewell employees can see images of the clothing that needs to be restocked, mark stocked items complete, and communicate with the rest of their team via messages. A typical Madewell store needs to be restocked multiple times a day.

While working at Madewell as a sales associate, I discovered that restocking the store became one of my major pain points. I was given a list that included the name of the item, the size, color, and SKU number. From there I would sort through the stockroom looking for the items on the list. This process slowed me down so much that I designed Madewell Replen as a passion project.

*This is not an official Madewell product

“Replen is an important process which, if done faster, could make more sales and improve the overall bottom line.”

- Madewell Employee

Home Page

Once logging onto the app the user is directed to the home screen. From there the user can check their replen list, or chat with other employees.


The replen list shows which items need to be restocked. Showing an image of the item would make the restocking process much faster. 

Once the item is located and restocked, the user can mark the item as complete.


The stockroom is located at the back of the store. If the user needed to talk to one of their teammates they would have to leave the stockroom and walk through the store which can take time.

With the Madewell Replen chat feature, the user can easily communicate with the rest of their team.
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