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Hello, my name is Noelle. It’s nice to meet you! 

I'm a graphic designer specialized in brand identity, web experiences, strategy, and environmental design. I’ve worked with companies large and small to create user-centric products focused across all digital and physical touchpoints. Beyond design, I’m passionate about building community through my interactive workshops.

Interested in working together?
I am currently based in Austin, TX

Samba TV, Brand Designer
IBM, Product Designer
AIGA Design, Social Media Chair
Hum Creative, Visual Design Intern

Meet Noelle
Why design?

I feel like I’ve always been a designer. When I was young I would create newspaper layouts on my parents’ computer and design moodboards from magazine clippings. Once I found out I could make money doing what I loved, I was hooked.

With all the work that you produce from brand to web design where do you go for inspiration?

Ah I love this question. Inspiration is an important part of the design process. I’m usually inspired by the people around me. I’ve lived all over the world so I’ve met lots of amazing people that have made me the person and designer I am today.

That’s so exciting! I heard you mention your design process, would you like to elaborate?

Sure! My process always starts and ends with the user. It’s important to understand who you are designing for in order to create a valuable product. Every client that I work with is different so my process changes accordingly.
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