On September 1st, 2016 I joined IBM with 60 new friends, most of them straight out of college like myself. To us, the world of software design was new and exciting, but one that lacked tactile exploration. 

I started Spare Time as a Tumblr blog back in January 2016. It was dedicated to inspiring people, like my new friends at IBM, to make. I created a monthly theme to guide community submissions. The response was overwhelming with projects being submitted from IBMers all over the world. 

Now, a year later, Spare Time has grown into a fully operating making machine. Internal to IBM, Spare Time has spread to 4 IBM Studios in the US including San Francisco, Raleigh, Cambridge, and Poughkeepsie and even one global studio in Dublin! Each unique studio holds a monthly Spare Time workshop bringing in up to 30 participants. Workshops range from Embroidery, Indigo Dyeing, Post-It Collaging, Circuitry, and Sketching tutorials.

Find Spare Time on Instagram to keep up with updates and news.
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