Throughout college I worked at Madewell, a women’s clothing store. When I wasn’t at the register or closing down the store for the day, I was in the back doing replen. During replen, it was my job to figure out what items in the store were running low and to replenish them from the back stock. 

The task was important because if we didn’t do it in a timely manner, Madewell could potentially lose out on a sale. All I had to complete this task was a sheet of paper with a list of items and the sizes needed. There were no images or descriptions, which made it hard for me to find the correct items quickly in a storage room filled with changing product. 

To address this pain, I decided to design Madwell Replen, a concept, in my spare time. It’s an inventory list that enables users to visually identify items in stock whether out on the floor or in backstock. I also designed a chat feature for users because I thought it was important to have the ability to easily communicate with their manager.

If the problem has yet to be solved, I’d like to continue developing this concept, so I can pitch it to Madewell. I believe that Replen can boost employee productivity during replen allowing them to focus on other core tasks.

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